Church and Covid 19: Updates

We are of course keeping the Covid-19 Government guidelines under constant review and are abiding by current restrictions for church congregations. We have the added complication that we usually meet in the school and having asked them their thoughts on us returning they are currently still deciding their own policy regarding hall use by outside groups and we also want to support them in making the school as safe as possible for students, families and teachers.

There is also the chance that if we started meeting again publicly and one of us came down with Covid -19  potentially the whole church would have to go into a 2 week quarantine.

Therefore, for the time being, we continue to meet online via zoom. If you have not yet Zoomed in to a live Sunday service at 11 am then please let me encourage you to do so.  You can, if you prefer, join in with microphone muted and camera off and see and hear the service perfectly. Email: for links to meetings.

If you need help with the technology please don’t let that stop you and let us know so we can help you join in.

So for the time being let’s keep calm and carry on and not stop meeting together on Zoom … as it kind of says in Hebrews.

Do let us know your thoughts and let’s keep in touch – you can email:


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